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Forklift Safety: Industrial Counterbalance Lift Trucks DVD/USB

Forklift Safety: Industrial Counterbalance Lift Trucks DVD/USB

Moving materials around the workplace quickly and efficiently take a lot of skill. And it's a big responsibility.


Often the best “tool” for the job is a specialized piece of "materials handling" equipment that most of us call a "forklift". Even though these vehicles can make certain jobs a lot easier, they can also be very dangerous. Thousands of workers are seriously injured in forklift accidents every year… and more than 100 are killed. And the people who get hurt include both “pedestrians” and forklift operators.


In addition to the human cost, forklift accidents can also cause damage to materials, facilities, and the forklifts themselves.


Fortunately, these accidents can be prevented if forklift operators understand a forklift's limitations… and learn how to operate it safely.




    Topics covered in this course include:

    • The design, capabilities and limitations of forklifts
    • The basics of forklift stability
    • The hazards associated with operating a forklift
    • How to maintain and inspect forklifts
    • Safe work practices used when operating a forklift
    • …and more.

    DVD programs include an easy-to-use leader's guide, as well as a training certificate, scheduling and attendance forms,
    and an employee quiz


    14-Day Return Policy. Shipping cost is covered by the customer. Returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee.


    Orders placed after 12 pm EST will ship the next business day.

  • Runtime & Copyright

    23 Minutes - 2023

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